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We Believe

The staff at On3Learn believe that the people we serve and support are our family. As AmeriCorps alums and former AmeriCorps program and State Commission staff, we know the power that AmeriCorps can have on people, communities, and environments and as such, we want to support our field in the best way we can through important, relevant, up-to-date, compliant, and high-quality focused courses.


As a company, we place a great emphasis on the following:

  • High quality and focused training

  • Impact – ensuring our support results in application of knowledge

  • Programmatic and organizational success for our clients

  • Excellent and responsive customer support and care

  • Creativity – finding ways to make learning fun and encourage our clients to create the time and space to spur their own creativity for making change in their organizations and communities.


We will do this by providing concise and focused on-demand eCourses that are dynamic, engaging, and hands-on.


To be ready to learn and take in information, we believe the following 3 steps must be taken:

Right Time: We believe that timing is everything – the right training must be taken at the right time for maximum impact. Our courses are always accessible online, 24/7 so that when it’s the right time for you, On3Learn is here to help.

Right Space: It may seem impossible to focus only on one task in our busy day-to-day schedules, but to really absorb information and consider how it can be applied, you must be in the right mindset and space and give it your full attention.

Right Place: Our website. Here you will find very focused, interactive, and thoughtful web-based courses that support individual, programmatic, and organizational learning.

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