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Applicant Courses: 2024-2025 NOFO

This 5-course series on “The AmeriCorps Application” is intended to help organizations interested in applying for an AmeriCorps grant understand the many details of the application and to determine if AmeriCorps is a fit. 


Due to the level of detail required to complete an AmeriCorps application, we suggest these courses be taken in the following order, all of which are a part of “The AmeriCorps Application” 5-part series:


  1. Is Our Organization a Fit?;

  2. Understanding the Overall Application and Narrative;

  3. Developing Logic Models;

  4. Selecting and Developing Performance Measurements; and

  5. Understanding the AmeriCorps Budget.

Course Offerings


Is Our Organization a Fit?


Understanding the Overall Application and Narrative


Developing Logic Models


Selecting and Developing Performance Measurements


Understanding the AmeriCorps Budget 

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