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Who We Are

Our Vision

Individuals like you are learning and applying our course content to your job and programs so that organizations, programs, and people are thriving, developing their individual capacity to excel at their jobs and their organizational capacity to make change happen.

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Our Mission

  • Provide relevant, important, and effective web based courses that support individual learning and application, impact bottom line needs, and result in immediate and/or long term change;

  • Build a 360 degree of community support where all are seen as learners and supporters; and

  • Provide a venue and resources to help other organizations and individuals thrive at providing support.

Our Goals

  • Support learning on all levels, helping all involved to reach their full potential

  • Develop web based trainings that support compliant and high quality programming

  • Provide unique training ideas and tools that provide organization and program staff the support needed and desired, despite reduced training and staff dollars

  • Serve as an incubator of high quality training that generates income for our organization and other training specialists and supports the field in meeting their bottom line needs

  • Create a community of support that allows programs and people from across the country to remain connected and have a sense of peer camaraderie despite limited opportunities to come together in a physical space

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