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  • Is there a guide for how to use the On3Learn courses?
    Yes! Please see our Course Guide to learn how to register for and take a course, access your course certificate and resources, and/or how to retake a completed course.
  • Help! I have an issue with the courses. Where can I find help?
    We are always here to help! Our Course Guide might have a solution to your problem. Or feel free to email (info@on3learn) or call us (414)841-3731! We’re here for you.
  • Is there a way to try out the courses before deciding to purchase?
    Yes – we’ve created a review link that will give you the opportunity to explore a few slides from various courses. Please note that you are only seeing portions of each course, therefore you are missing how each element fits into the larger context of the course. If you want to see more than the link provides, you can purchase individual seats to any of our courses to view it in its entirety prior to purchasing a subscription or additional courses. On3Learn Course Demo Link – Click Here This review link includes slides from the following courses. Member Courses Self-Care Education Award Life After AmeriCorps Site Courses AmeriCorps 101 AmeriCorps Prohibited, Unallowable and Allowable Activities Understanding the Larger Landscape of National Service Staff Courses Member Files NSCHC Timekeeping Evidence Series Applicant Courses Is Our Organization a Fit? The AmeriCorps Application Understanding the AmeriCorps Budget If you have any questions about the courses after viewing the link, please do not hesitate to contact us: or 414-988-3314
  • How does On3Learn obtain updated AmeriCorps policies, guidance, etc.?
    The three owners of On3learn are deeply rooted in the AmeriCorps field and each receive updates that AmeriCorps issues either directly through AmeriCorps email lists, through communication we receive from State Service Commissions, and by participating in calls and trainings that AmeriCorps offers. Additionally, we have all of our courses reviewed by stakeholders in the field to ensure our information is accurate and up to date. Each course also has a survey at the end that we ask learners to take, with an opportunity to provide feedback on the course and its content. We will maintain a regular practice of reviewing and updating our courses so information is relevant, links are always accessible, and feedback is incorporated.
  • What is the average length of the courses?
    We strive to keep each course between 60-90 minutes. At the beginning of each course, we tell learners how long we estimate the course to be, but knowing that each learner is different in how they take in information…1 course might take 1 person 60 minutes and that same course might take another person about 90 minutes. Additionally, learners are able to stop a course in the middle and come back to it, if they have an interruption which needs their attention so that too would impact the amount of time it would take to complete.
  • Once you take a course, can you take it again, or is it good for only one go-around?
    With the subscription model, courses can be taken an unlimited number of times.
  • Is there an “admin” login to view when our users complete courses, or to track progress, etc.?
    At this point, we do not have the ability in DigitalChalk (our learning management system) that would allow program staff or State Commissions “admin” access. We do, however, provide monthly reports to let you know who has taken the courses and what their status is. Also, we are happy to run reports for you at any time between monthly reports if you need that information sooner.
  • Are you able/willing to do a presentation about your courses?
    At any time, we can present to any organization or group who wishes to learn more about our courses or see demos of what they have access to. Please contact us at or 414-988-3314.
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